Kumkum Bhagya Can Turn Ghana's Future Generations To Idol Worship — Fred Amugi Complains

Veteran actor Fred Amugi has warned about the influx of foreign telenovelas which is normalizing foreign cultures in the eyes of Ghanaians.
According to the actor, this could lead to a breed of younger Ghanaians falling in love with what they see on tv and becoming idol worshippers like the Hindu.
Stakeholders in the Ghanaian movie industry have been complaining non-stop about the recent popularity of foreign soap operas which have been dubbed into twi by many local stations.
Amugi, sitting down for a recent interview, echoed similar sentiments, saying that the actions of the tv stations risk harming our culture.
“How can you spend money dubbing a foreign language into a local language and air it on television? We have abandoned what we can do as Ghanaians.” Amugi complained.

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“You are able to dub Hindi into Twi and ask me to watch when their culture and our culture are wide apart. If in the future our children start worshiping idols as portrayed in the soap opera, what will we do or who are we going to blame?”
He added: “If we do not address the concerns I have raised, we will have ourselves to blame,” he said.


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