My First Job Was To Take Care Of Cats — Joselyn Dumas

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Joselyn Dumas

Ghanaian actress and television host Joselyn Dumas has disclosed that her first job as an employee was to take care of her neighbours’ cats.
Life is not easy as some people perceive it to be, the rich were once poor but with hard work and perseverance, life has been good to them.
Joselyn Dumas in an interview with Joburg Post Online said:

“My neighbour went away for summer holidays and I took care of her cats, she paid me my first 100 pounds, which I used in purchasing my first winter coat”.
Joselyn Dumas undoubtedly is passionate about what she does and keeps becoming better and better, a life worthy of emulation by the youths aspiring to pursue her career.
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She believes that men should never be intimidated by the successes of women or their fame.
Joselyn Dumas who is a mother of one has a degree in Administrative law, she used to practise as a Paralegal before relocating to Ghana to pursue her acting dream.
She has starred in a lot of great Ghanaian movies as well as winning prestigious awards.

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She is currently the host of ‘Real Talk Show’, a television show aimed at addressing relationship and other societal issues. It is hosted on GhOneTv.

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