Newly Designed 'iStool' Is Perfect For Kitchen Stool 'D*ggy' (PHOTO)

Extending the meme of the kitchen stool s*x tape which sparked the #kitchenstoolchallenge, photos circulating on social media purport to show a ‘modern’ version of the kitchen stool designed specifically to enhance the newly discovered s*x position.
The ‘iStool’ has a comfy cushion on the top to pad the knees as it lays on it in the position now made famous by ‘Akosua Kumaa’ in the Breman Eduman s*x tape.
As a country of jokers, there is nothing we like more than a trending scandal to milk.
Already, the kitchen stool has been re-purposed into a wedding gift and it has also been found to be the most in demand commodity in Ghana.
And some two idiots have also filmed themselves having s*x in the same position as the used in the s*x tape.

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Check out photo of the ‘iStool’ below.
If these have not yet been designed for sale someone better get in on it pretty soon before it fades.


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