Baby Mama Yvonne Nelson Cruises In Town With Baby And Self-Imposed Fiance'

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Yvonne Nelson And Baby Daddy

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has finally achieved her dreams of becoming a mother even though she gave birth out of wedlock but seems not to give a hoot about her critics.
The baby Mama was spotted cruising around in town with her baby and fiance’, Jamie Roberts.
The life of Yvonne Nelson, fiance’ and baby have always been on Instagram as they are always seen in photos in what could be termed as ‘family goals’.
The actress who seems to be too tired of being indoors and ‘slaying’ on Instagram has finally taken a ride with fiance and newly born baby in town.
In the video which was posted on Instagram, Yvonne Nelson takes on the man role by driving the car while her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts also takes the mama role of cuddling their baby in the back seat.
Yvonne Nelson is now happy for her baby mama status in the life of the Welsh photographer, imagine what her joys will be when Jamie Roberts finally decides to walk her down the aisle?
Well, we all wait to see that glorious day.


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