Your Marriage Will Collapse If You Don't Cook For Your Husband — Maame Dokono Advises Bitter And Angry Social Media Feminists

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Social media was set ablaze two days ago when Lawyer Ace Ankomah schooled the bitter and angry social media feminists on the need to stick to what he termed as ‘home sense’ translated in the Twi language as ‘Efie Nyansa’.
Now Veteran Ghanaian actress Grace Omaboe, affectionately called Maame Dokono has added her voice to the new trend of what the bitter and angry social media feminists term as ‘flipping scripts’.

According to these bitter and angry social media feminists, cooking for your husband means slavery per their definition of feminism but Maame Dokono as a grown-up woman who has seen and experienced a lot in life has cautioned these young ladies claiming to be feminists to change their ways.
She said that young married women are to ensure that their husbands are well fed in the home.

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Maame Dokono continued that, married women who do not cook for their husbands all in the name of feminism will lose their marriages to other women.
She said, “Listen to me if you think that your man loves you too much and you won’t cook for your husband then your marriage won’t last.”
Maame Dokono who was speaking on TV3’s New Day said:
“You have to cook for your husband and children, and you’ve got to take good care of your home as well.”

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She continued that there is nothing slavery about cooking for your husband as purported by the angry and bitter social media feminists.
”If you are a woman, and you feel you won’t cook for your husband and he will still love you, then you are playing,” she added.
She concluded that husbands and wives should contribute towards the success of their marriages.

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