It's Ridiculous Not To Cook For Your Husband Because At The End You'll Eat Some – Keminni Amanor [Video]

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Keminni Amanor

The Yaanom Feminists are obviously in this absurd campaign alone that it’s slavery when women decide to prepare some fresh Plantains, Banku with Tilapia or cook anything for their husbands to eat.
Ever since the gang displayed their backward thinking feminist approach on this issue, they’ve never had support from anyone apart from their “yaanom” friends.

Latest to pump some sense into the heads of these campaigners is GH One Tv’s News Anchor, Keminni Amanor, who finds the whole argument for wives not to cook for their men very ridiculous.

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Telling Nana Aba Anamoah her opinion on the debate, she said it’s not slavery for a woman to cook for her man because after the cooking is done, the woman will also eat some.

Watch Her Explain Below:

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