90% Of So-Called Feminists In Ghana Have Body Odour — A Plus

Musician/Comedian A Plus has gone on the offensive against feminists in Ghana, describing most of them as riddled with body odour.
According to him, these feminists don’t even have time to take care of themselves, not to talk about having time to take care of a man, which is why they hold the positions they hold.
The outspoken rapper has been quiet about the whole feminist brouhaha in recent days but has now given his version and he seems as controversial as ever.
Writing on Facebook, A Plus said most of these feminists can’t take proper care of themselves because they are not willing to serve anyone, not even themselves.

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He wrote…
What a friend asked me; Kwame I’ve not heard you say anything about this feminist nonsense oooo.
Me; Who put a gun to you heard to marry a useless lazy woman who does not want to cook clean and take care of her own home and kids?
You see, 90% of the so called feminist in this country have some body odour. It is not that they don’t want to serve a man. They just don’t want to serve. Not even themselves. They can’t take care of their own body how do you expect them to take care of a man.
I know them. Go close to them. Especially their leaders. ?mo ho kankankankan. Etu fush fush fush fush. Tweaaa!!! They have some highly inflammable gasses circulating their “body atmosphere.”
There are so many humble, beautiful and intelligent Ghanaian women out there who are ready to serve and know how to make a home out of a house. Look for them, love them and make them enjoy life forever.
When you find a good and humble woman, make sure she never cries. Even if she does it has to be tears of joy.
Forget all these white dross turn brown lazy women… ???? ???? ???? ???? ????


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