'Are You Stupid?' — Lydia Forson Attacks Ghanaians For Taking On Pepper Dem And Their Crazy 'Cooking Is Slavery' Position

Actress Lydia Forson has attacked Ghanaians for the recent frenzy surrounding the issue of whether a woman cooking for her husband after a day of work can be said to constitute slavery.
Considered an absurd position by most, it has engendered discussions on social media and even in more traditional media as everyone attempts to debunk what is a really extremist and untenable position.
Anyway, Lydia Forson is not happy that the entire country has come to a standstill over an issue as trivial as cooking therefore she recorded a 17 minute long video to diss Ghanaians for our cooking obsession.
According to Lydia, she cannot believe seasoned journalists and supposed intellectuals can waste so much time talking about cooking when there are so many other issues to discuss.

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“Do you see how stupid we seem?” A nonplussed Lydia said in the video.
“Do we see how unserious we are that seasoned journalists, radio presenters and proclaimed intellectuals are spending all their time and energy talking about someone trying to take away their rights? Are you stupid? Is food going to build roads, put clothes on your back or change the power crises? I am shocked that we have come to a standstill because of cooking. The fact that we reduced this discussion to food shows how far gone we are’’. Forson said.
The video has since gone viral as people dish out their own insults to Lydia for dissing Ghanaians as stupid for discussing the issue. She then took the video down from Facebook.


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