Ebony's Driver Was Nowhere To Be Found When The Accident Occurred, He Was Later Seen Standing Along The Roadside Bleeding — Eyewitness Account

Ebony and her alleged Lesbian partner-Franky

According to a Facebook user, Owusu Bernard who claims to be on board on the VIP bus which collided with Ebony’s car, the driver of Ebony was nowhere to be found when passengers in the VIP bus came around to rescue them.
So the question is where was Ebony’s driver when the accident occurred? Well, Owusu Bernard narrating how they found Ebony’s driver said:

“We managed to get out of our bus and run to the rescue of the passengers in the Jeep. With the help of two ropes, we turned it over onto its wheels and found only 3(THREE) BODIES IN THE CAR. A SOLDIER IN A UNIFORM AT THE FRONT, TWO FEMALES AT THE BACK AND NO DRIVER. AND I REPEAT “NO DRIVER” IN THE CAR.

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We assume he might be in the bush so let’s look for him with help of torchlights. I heard someone saying is this the bus driver, when he saw a man bleeding by the side of the road. We approached him and asked are you the Jeep driver? he answered yes and he was on his feet when we saw him. As to how he got out of the car, none of us who were there to do the rescue knows about it and only the surviving Driver can tell.”

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Remember, the drivers of Ebony, Suzzy Williams, Terry Bonchaka and Owusu Ansah all survived the accidents which killed these celebrities. How did all these drivers manage to escape such terrible accidents? That’s the million dollar question!


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