I Went For 'Juju' To Gain Fame And Money But I Was Rather Used For Money Rituals — Rapper

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Money, power, fame and luxury are not gained on a platter of Gold, it takes time with hard work and perseverance to acquire all these things. But this is not the case of some Ghanaian youths–all they want is quick money, fame and luxurious life.
This is the story of one young man by name Nazareth Opoku Agyeman, also known as Kojo Denkyem, an Ashaiman boy who hustled from streets to the studio with hopes of musical breakthrough.

After going through ‘hell’ in life, Kojo Denkyem and his bosom friend decided to take an easy route to gain success and fame in their musical career in 2009.
They looked for easy options through which they could acquire fame and the only quick option was to rely on ‘juju’ (black magic) for their musical breakthrough.

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According to the rapper, they were able to schedule an appointment with a fetish priest who promised to get them whatever they wished for in life.
Sadly, his friend secretly arranged with the fetish priest to offer him [Kojo Denkyem] as a sacrifice for money rituals and fame.
“The guy and I were very good friends so we wanted to come out with a joint album and after the album, we’ll go our separate ways….After we poured the blood on, the fetish priest spoke many words to encourage us.

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“But this fetish priest and my friend changed to speak a language I couldn’t understand. It was an unknown language,” Kojo Denkyem added.
Kojo Denkyem continued that he encountered a lot of spiritual attacks, went mad until he met a man of God who healed him in 2009.
The rapper indicated that he became aware of the hidden motive of his friend when he was finally healed.

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Kojo Denkyem has now repented and taken up the cross of Jesus Christ making preaching the word of God his full time job. He now goes by the name ‘Call Me Nazareth’ and has released an album titled ‘Madness to Greatness’.

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