Efia Odo In Trouble — Social Media User Threatens To Drop Her S*x Tape Taken During Her Wh*ring Days In Brooklyn

Actress Efia Odo has landed herself in some hot water when she decided to open a can of worms with Fella Makafui by claiming she has sold herself to make it in life.
Apparently, before moving back down to Ghana, Odo was into a lot of stuff back in her Yankee days, doing things even worse than what she accused Makafui of.
During the heat of her feud with Fella and Sister Efia, the actress uploaded a photo of herself with the caption: “Pressure from the people no go kill me, na lie.”
However, one of her followers who claims to have knowledge of her lifestyle whilst in the U.S then came out and threatened to expose her.

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“I see you have deleted all your hoeing videos from Brooklyn. Trying to fool people to think you’re somebody but you’re not. Just a plain BK hoe…I’m gonna upload her video sucking d*ck back in Brooklyn. She’s a nobody. Stop allowing yourselves to be fooled by this twat.” the user, known as Pjimmy 742018, alleged.
Odo responded:  “@pjimmy742018 please upload the world is waiting God bless ??”, to which he hit back.
“@efia_odo oh trust it’s coming. I see how you changed from @realefya_odo to @efya_odo and now @efia_odo and deleted all your hoeing videos to deceive people.”


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