(HOT AUDIO) Ernest Opoku Wants To Kill Me, His Ex-wife Revealed His Wicked Agenda To Me — Brother Sammy

Whoever thinks there are no internal wrangles in the gospel music fraternity must be living on one of the yet to be discovered planets–in fact, the hatred and backbiting among gospel musicians in Ghana aren’t reflective of what they preach in their music.
Now gospel musician, Brother Sammy in a radio interview has alleged that his colleague gospel musician, Ernest Opoku has a hidden agenda of killing him all because he [Ernest Opoku] feels uncomfortable with his presence in the music industry.

Brother Sammy in an interview on Abusua FM shockingly revealed that it was the ex-wife of Ernest Opoku who disclosed Ernest Opoku’s wicked agenda to him.

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Brother Sammy said:
“Ernest Opoku’s ex-wife called me on phone and told me to be careful of him since he wouldn’t mind killing me. I have the recording and Ernest Opoku himself knows it”.
When pushed to the wall on why he thinks Ernest Opoku wants him dead, this is what he had to say:
“Wherever Ernest and I attend an event together, he goes there to speak evil about me and these are things the pastors tell me. I won’t speak evil of him for anything.. He simply hates me because he stole my style so my presence relegates him to the back…”

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Below is the audio interview of Brother Sammy on Abusua FM.


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