Seems Like Fella Makafui Is Causing Some Trouble In Paradise As Medikal Admits He's Having Relationship Problems With Sister Derby

Medikal and Sister Debbie

It’s not too long ago that we saw a photo of Medikal and Fella looking a little too comfy and we sounded alarm bells that this wouldn’t make Derby too happy.
And last week during the short lived feud between Odo and Fella, the former accused the latter of having banged Medikal.
Well, Medikal was on Hitz Fm this morning and he admitted for the first time we can recall that he’s actually having problems in his relationship with Derby.
Medikal admitted that he received a text from a ‘girl’ which Derby saw and has left him in trouble.

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“Deborah Vanessa is fine. I just came from her house. But we are having slight relationship problems. A girl sent me a text and she saw it.” he said.
Medikal, despite admitting they were having problems, said he’s not cheating on Derby as he does not even know how to cheat.
“However, I am not cheating. I don’t even know how to do that.” he said.
Who could that girl be? We sincerely hope it’s not Fella lol.


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