A God That Chooses 'Uneducated Dimwits' Like Bishop Obinim And Owusu Bempah As Spokespersons, Is That One Too A God? — CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

As we all know, in the wake of every disaster in Ghana, our highly superstitious and illogical minds reach for the nearest spiritual explanation when more often than not there are real, solvable problems leading to these disasters.
In the wake of the recent death of Ebony, the entire conversation in Ghana has been dominated by talk of prophecies when anyone using even just a simple brain cell can tell what killed the singer and her friends.
However, instead of a three week conversation over road safety, fixing our bad roads, implementing strict safety practices for contractors and other real issues, we have spent all our time discussing whether Prophet A or Prophet B really saw the death in advance and whilst we do this, more people would die on that road and other bad roads all across the country.

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GhanaCelebrities.Com editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has waded into this cesspool of absurdity and destroyed the mindset of attributing everything to spiritual means when the physical problems are right before our very eyes.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Writing on Facebook, Agyapong contrasts our response to such tragedies with non-sh*thole countries where after at tragedy, they discuss the real issues behind the tragedy and not deflect to ‘prophecy’.
The ever controversial Chris-Vincent argued further that even if we grant that a God exists and gives prophecies, the fact that he supposedly chooses uneducated dumba$$es like Obinim and Owusu Bempah to deliver his messages rule him out as an authority to be taken seriously.
Read his criticism of Ghanaians on the issue below…
God, Ghanaian Prophets and the Unending Prophecies
Recently, there was a mass shooting in America—once again.
We all know the cause of these unending mass shootings in this extensive liberal country and that’s their gun laws. Trump like minds will say, guns don’t kill people but people do.
Whatever the argument is, the common denominator is gun and each time there is a gun shooting in America, the conversation about tighter gun laws dominates the media, from CNN to Fox and to the various online blogs and independent media outlets.

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In Ghana, our bad state of roads, traffic regulations and astronomical number of bad drivers come together to serve as our guns, the cause of hundreds of needless deaths each year.
Whenever there’s any road accident related death, even mass deaths or high profile deaths, the conversation in the media and on the lips of ordinary Ghanaians shockingly does not tow the line of the cause or subject. We do not focus on the true cause of the accidents, rather on men of God who claim to have seen this or that.
In the face of the absurdity of religion in Ghana, I find it difficult to comprehend how sane Ghanaians are able to proudly stay religious.
I have never heard any American man of God claiming God revealed any of mass the shooting to him—at least, no serious media outlet would give such a man an attention, except to make a deserving mockery of his lunacy.
Occasionally, when Israel is attacked, never have I heard any prophet from the supposed much loved land of God coming out to say God revealed it to him.
In Ghana, God reveals a lot to men like Owusu Bempah, Bishop Obinim, KumChaCha and others.
Even as foolish human being, I wouldn’t waste my time engaging any of the above men in a conversation but an almighty God, all wise, always chooses to speak to these ignorant uneducated dim-wits.
Which God, if not a maniac, would waste his time revealing things to someone like Obinim or Bempah?
We have to be serious as a people for once and cut through the nonsense the so called men of God serve, which we gladly connect to because of the Palaeolithic era beliefs we hold.
If God will reveal anything to anyone, surely, he wouldn’t be dealing with Ghanaians.
There are over 192 countries in the world, some with bigger problems and crisis that need urgent attention and yet the God of the heavens, seems highly interested in the deaths of sinful Ghanaians, including one called Ebony.
That’s ridiculous at every level but somehow, Ghanaians cannot figure it out.
When shit happens: we should tackle the cause and stop the God this and God that rubbish. No God is sitting up there interfering in people’s lives and engaging a bunch of lunatics at night with stupid revelations.
You wouldn’t choose Patapa as a national musician to represent Ghana at a global musical competition but a flawlessly God will choose Owusu Bempah or Bishop Obinim as his spokespersons and those worthy of his revelations?
We are behind the clock of civilisation and enlightenment, that’s why we still believe in the bronze again hogwash, called Prophecy.
Instead of talking about the bad roads, poor road traffic regulation enforcement and bad driving in Ghana, the true causes of these road accidents, we rather spend all our energy talking to and about these so called men of God who cannot even explain the cause of rainfall, correctly.
Charley, Ghana is no way moving forward!
—Chris-Vincent Agyapong


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