Authorities Shut Down 700 Churches In Rwanda To Prevent Another T.B Joshua Type Collapse

Church Session

Authorities in Rwanda have shut down 700 churches, declaring them unsafe.
Kenya, like Ghana, has a church infestation problem, with charismatic churches popping up everywhere and chopping people’s money.
More often than not, these churches hold service in uncompleted or otherwise unsafe structures which are dangerous as they could collapse anytime, as we saw tragically a few years ago during a T.B Joshua church service.
In an effort to prevent that, Rwandan authorities have authorized a crackdown which led to 700 churches being shut down.

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According to Rwandan officials, churches shut down must prove their safety before they are reopened, and some of them are already back in service after meeting building standards.
In a series of reforms intended to crackdown on the rapid spread of churches, the Rwandan Governance Board are also requiring all preachers to have undergone theological training before being able to open a church.
They must also adhere to restrictions on noisemaking laid down in Governance Board regulations.


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