If I Became A Politician My Own Party Would Kill Me — Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson says she cannot become a politician because her own party would probably crucify her due to her bluntness.
Forson, always in trouble due to her sharp mouth, said in a recent interview that she has pity on some politicians in Ghana because the system is set up in such a way that even those who enter with change on their minds become engulfed by the system.
The actress spoke about the state of politics in Ghana in her interview where she opined that she cannot become a politician due to her brutally honest nature.

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“…What we do need is leaders who are bold enough. It’s sometimes hard because I feel sorry for some politicians.” Forson said on the Celebrity Fanzone.
“Some politicians go in with really good intentions but as soon as they get in there [the system corrupts them]…That’s why I can’t be a POLITICIAN because they could have probably shot me in my party.” she added.


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