If You Have Ever Come Across One Of Those Folks Who Uses Age And Grey Hair As A Pathetic Excuse To Goof Around Then You Might Want To Read This

Reno Omokri

Loud-mouthed lawyer and author, Reno Omokri has a message for us this morning. The man is on a Twitter rant and he is making some key points which are very applicable to life and we are just here keeping notes.
If you have ever come across one of those folks who uses age and grey hair as a pathetic excuse to goof around, then you might want to read what Reno has for you this morning.
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In Series of Tweets, he talks about how one has to focus on their today and tomorrow and stop dwelling in the past.
“If you are focused on your past, you will have an accident in your present which will ruin your future. O stands for opportunity. There is no O in yesterday.
“There is one O in today. There are three Os in tomorrow. Keep your focus on where the opportunities are


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