Was She Inspired By The PEPPERDEM MINISTRY? Twitter User Proposes To His Girlfriend Only To Find Out He Has Been The Side Boo All Along

As they always say, what is good for the geese is equally good for the gander. These self-seeking men and oh I am not speaking from any jealous or painful end and angle have been keeping us ladies in the dark for as long as our memories can serve us to remember.
How many the times have we heard of a man whose heart has been broken by a lady or any of those obnoxious incidents that come with relationships but can we even begin to count the number of times women have been left standing alone at the altar?
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Anyways it looks like some women want to tow the same lane they have been suffering over the years. It is only right or? One Twitter User with the handle Dante has found himself on the wrong side of love when he proposed to his girlfriend only to find out he has been the side nigga all along.
He wrote on Twitter.


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