Keche Insults The Mortuary Man Who Fondled Boobs Of Ebony's Corpse On Live TV; Says His "Tribal Marks Like Manhole"

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The mortuary man who was captured fondling corpses of Ebony and her partner

Ghana is a country full of dimwits and uncivilised human beings who pleasure themselves in stupid and useless things with the help of social media and Donald Trump was damn right when he described Africa as a shithole continent and from all indications, Ghana is the shittest of holes in Africa.
Now the musical duo, Keche have added their voice to the video of a mortuary man fondling and molesting the corpses of Ebony and Franky Kuri.

Keche on TV Africa described the video as disgusting and unacceptable in this 21st century and advocated for the immediate arrest of the mortuary man.
Angry Keche rained insults on the mortuary man for having the guts and audacity to even record such a video and share on social media. Keche’s insult went like, “his tribal marks like manhole” and host Nikki Samonas could not help it than to burst into laughter.

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The majority of Ghanaians have condemned the mortuary man for such an uncivilized behaviour and as it stands now, the video has been blocked by Facebook.

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