GC Daily Insight: Charley To Be Frank, Ghana Police Is A BIG Joke! (VIDEO)

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Welcome to GC Daily Insight–Ghana Police is a big joke and you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you. Armed robbers are everywhere in the country robbing and killing as well–the State is in fear and panic now.
Ghana Police has issued a directive that anyone who is going to the bank to withdraw huge sums of money should request for a police escort but the question is what about those who are being robbed at home?

There have several incidents where people were robbed at gunpoint in their homes and the police never responded to calls from these victims so what is the assurance that they will provide escort services to people withdrawing huge sums of money at the bank?

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Ghana Police is a big joke, how can the SWAT team combat crime with Hyundai Kia i10 vehicle while the armed robbers are using 4×4 vehicles for their operations?
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