VIDEO: It'll Be A Disgrace To Ghana If We Legalize Homos*xuality — Says Former Presby Moderator Rev Martey

Rev Emmanuel Martey

Former moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev Emmanuel Martey, has lashed out at homos*xuals, calling it a Satanic orientation.
According to the clergyman, it’s a disgrace for any nation which legalizes the practice.
Recently the legalization of homos*xuality became a huge issue after the President said that it would eventually happen in Ghana and many people stood up against it.
Rev Martey, speaking at the Agape House New Testament Church, said that he does not buy the argument people make that they are born gay and even if they do, they should be able to suppress it once they become Christians.

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“…They say they were born that way, okay, you were born that way but if you say you want to be a Christian there’s something, a doctrine in Christianity called regeneration, being born again if you were born homosexual and you want to be a Christian then you must be born again.” he argued.
“It’s a disgrace to a nation that sanctions homosexuality..” he added.


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