What Has John Dumelo Been Smoking?? — Actor Attacks Independence Day Celebrations After Having Kept His Hypocritical Mouth Shut For 8 Wasteful NDC Years

John Dumelo

Ghana is an exciting country to be in. Pastor Mensa Otabil can pretend to criticize Christianity whilst benefiting from Christianity and John Dumelo, of all people, can pretend to criticize an Independence day celebration.
Eight years of excesses under his favourite government and Dumelo never questioned a thing, two years in opposition and all of a sudden he’s remembered that there are so many problems plaguing this country.
John Dumelo has gone on social media today to attack the Independence day celebrations, claiming the government doesn’t have its priorities straight in budgeting ‘millions’ for it.
In a tweet, Dumelo listed some problems with the country and said there’s nothing to be celebrated on this day.
“…There’s nothing to celebrate. Pupils lie on their stomachs to study in Yikurugu, UER, teachers teach IT with no computers all over the country etc. Yet we budget millions to celebrate 6th March? Ghana without aid starts with us getting our priorities straight.” Dumelo self righteously wrote.
Every single year under the NDC’s 8 years there were people complaining about excessive Independence Day celebrations but we never heard a peep out of Dumelo, now all of a sudden he remembers this countries’ ‘priorities’.

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Every year under the NDC’s eight years people complained about huge excesses such as Woyome’s fraudulent judgement debt, the Smartty’s deal, GYEEDA scandals and others and no one heard anything out of Dumelo.
All of a sudden he’s a fighter against excesses, give us a break, charlatan.
There are people who have been making this point for a long time and the NDC, during their time in office, thought nothing of those criticisms.
Politicians in general are hypocrites but you can count on Dumelo to take things onto another level.


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