Nigerian Senator Praises Ghana's 61st Independence Day — Says Its Far Better Than What Nigeria Does

On 6th of March, 2018, Ghana celebrated her 61st independence day where other heads of states were present, including President Muhamadu Buhari, Senate President and others.
On an Instagram, Senate Dino Malaye who attended Ghana’s Independence Day with the Nigerian President has congratulated Ghana for a well-planned Independent day and 25 years of uninterrupted democracy.

He wrote, “I feel sad and ashamed as this morning as I physically see the cultural and national demonstration of love, unity and purpose exhibited by the Ghanaians here at the Black Star Square in Accra-Ghana as Ghana celebrates their 61st Independence and 25 years of uninterrupted Democracy. It is sad that My President and eminent Nigerians watch this glamour and respect for heritage which Nigerians as Regional champions lost years ago. We have stopped celebrating in Nigeria i.e. Independence day, Democracy and Children’s day.”

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He continued to express his feelings as he compared the just celebrated Ghanaian Independence Day to that of the Nigerians. He said, “Our Independence day is now a low key event in the Presidential Villa. The Question is how did we get here and why did we get here! We are here president and citizens of Nigeria clapping for our’younger” brother Nation Ghana! What a shame. The reasons for the fear of National celebrations are the colossal injustices in the land. We as leaders at all levels must be fair and just to all. As long as we twist justice and flow in the gown of injustice and hypocrisy we will never openly celebrate like Ghana is doing today. We must decide to re-think and re-build.

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Mr Malaye concluded sharing his final words by advising all Nigerians to learn from the love and unity displayed by Ghana, “we have failed. We must bring back our long lost reputation. As a child I always look forward to celebrations like this. What will my children and their generation look out for. God will ask us all,leaders of Nigeria our roles in getting to this abysmal level. Hope Mr President and all of us present in Accra today will learn a huge lesson from Ghana. Congratulations Ghana, Africa is proud of you.” He wrote.


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