Actresses Are Not Dumb Like You Always Portray Us To Be — Lydia Forson Tells Bloggers

Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson has asserted that actors/actresses are not dumb like some bloggers like to portray them to be in their reportage.
Speaking at a press briefing ahead of the premiere of ‘Sidechic Gang’, Forson said bloggers wield immense power which they should use to generate respect for them and the work they do rather than to drag them down.
“You bloggers have so much power that is why I always come at you but it is all love, because I don’t think you understand how much power you have. You have the power to shape thoughts, you have the power to make people think a certain way. It’s the same power you have to let people respect what we do and not to question us every day,” she said.
Forson once again attempted to wipe away the perception that those in the movie industry are paupers who can’t fend for themselves financially or have to sell their bodies for goodies.

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“I do stuff for companies which I do not disclose but now anytime I’m holding a phone it is assumed that someone bought it for me. It is somewhat true that people sometimes gift us just because we are entertainers, you are someone that they watch on TV and they love.
“…We should not reduce actors, actresses especially to, you are not worthy or you are not smart enough…we are smart people.” she added.


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