Becca And Stonebwoy Have Made Just 96 Pesewas And Kumi Guitar’s ‘Betweener’ Has Made A Disappointing 5 Cedis From Zylofon Cash

Becca and Stonebwoy

A trotro mate, ploughing Kasoa to Circle in Accra in a week, makes probably ten times what Ghanaian musician-Kumi Guitar’s latest music video-Betweener has made in over a week, on Zylofon cash—a platform that was said to become the saviour of Ghana’s Creative Arts Industry.
Becca and Stonebwoy’s ‘With You’ music video has so far also made a disappointing 96 pesewas on the platform—a clear indication that, Zylofon cash wouldn’t bring in anything substantial to anyone, contrary to the big talks from Zylofon Media in relation to the platform.

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Kumi Guitar’s ‘Betweener’ has so far made just 5.96 cedis—incapable of even buying a good brand of condom.Undisputedly, Zylofon Media has a huge cash backing because of its CEO Nana Appiah Mensah but it seems to lack educated and intelligent brains to execute most of their concepts—with Zylofon Cash being the latest to join the struggling path.

Becca and Stonebwoy’ earnings on Zylofon Cash

On 16 February 2018, Zylofon Cash was launched—serving as a local version of Youtube, except that it has no traffic to generate views and people have found it less attractive to even upload their content on there, despite all the big talks during and immediately after the launch.
Any platform that would reward content publishers or creators per views needs traffic to be successful and Zylofon Cash seems to have little to none traffic—the reason why Becca and Stonebwoy’s music video on the platform has only been viewed 36 times.
Kumi Gutair’s earnings on Zylofon Cash

While Kumi Guitar’s Betweener has received over 25 thousand views on Youtube, the same video has received a depressing 213 views on Zylofon Cash’s website—where it was even first uploaded.
Conceptually, Zylofon Cash comes off as a great idea but once again, the lack of smart brains at Zylofon has already killed it and we wouldn’t be shocked if it comes up as a defunct project in the next few months.
With these numbers, it’s laughable, perhaps even stupid to expect anyone to pay 300 cedis a year, to upload his or her content on the Zylofon Cash platform–and make back something like 50 pesewas.
Nana Appiah Mensah needs to quickly challenge and change the brains behind some of his investments else he would become a laughter in the rooms of Ghanaians.


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