The REAL SHOCKING Backstory Behind Stonebwoy And Shatta Wale's Beef As Revealed By An Insider

The latest Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale beef has gone nuclear like never before with both sides firing deeply personal shots.
Stonebwoy lashed out at Shatta Wale with the ‘Gbee Naabu’ insult, saying he won’t spend his money buying cars for friends like some big mouthed guy has been doing, whilst Shatta Wale said that’s because Stonebwoy is a stingy pauper who pretends to donate to hospitals to cover why he doesn’t help his friends.
The beef now seems to have made Stonebwoy’s relationship with Zylofon Media untenable as according to reports he’s on his way out with the company itself having stopped following him on social media.
However that ends up, a loyal Shatta Wale follower has attempted to clear the air about what sparked the beef, and he claims that its because Stonebwoy holds a grudge against Shatta.

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According to Shadrack Crabe, Stonebwoy got offended after the Ghana Meets Naija UK because he believed Shatta Wale insulted his mum and his hatred got worse after that.
Crabe tells the story of what happened but as he’s a loyal SM fan, take everything with a grain of salt.
Read what he said below…
I Decided not to reveal this Issue, But I Think I should let the world know this issue Fully!
the Management Should forgive Me,
Because I Promised them not to. .
Last year At the Ghana Meets Naija Concert the UK Edition,
After Shatta Wale’s Performance, Stonebwoy was weeping at the Backstage, avowing that Shatta Wale Insulted his Late mother during his Performance.
On that night, Stonebwoy threatened that, he would go to his mother’s home town and place an Egg on his mum’s tomb for her Ghost to question Shatta Wale and bla bla bla…
Bola Ray who was not happy about the situation, tried to calm Stonbwoy down,
He invited Shatta Wale and he asked him if he really insulted Stonebwoy’s Mother on stage.
Wale denied and said he was not referring to stonebwoy nor his mum, since he didn’t mention anyone’s name.
Stonebwoy was still feeling Offended,
Bola Ray, As an Elder and the Event organizer,
Tried to settle the issue between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale before bringing them back to Ghana.
So in the following morning, Bola Ray called the both Camps a meeting in the Hotel where they were lounging.
Shatta wale responded quickly, get sited with his team and Bola Ray.
It took Stonebwoy almost an hour before he came out from his room for the meeting
(I don’t know, whether he was deciding to attend the meeting or not)
During the Meeting, Stonebwoy was still pressing charges and questioning why shatta wale insulted his late mum.
Shatta also keeps giving the same answer that,
He was not referring to Stonebwoy, because he didn’t mention his name.
But all this while, stonebwoy has already called his father in Ghana and told him the whole issue going down in UK after the Concert,
During the meeting, the father called Bola Ray and pleaded with him to talk to Shatta Wale.
Some minutes later, Stonebwoy’s own Father called Shatta Wale on the Phone,
For how he managed to get Shatta Wale’s Phone number, Only God knows.
The Father on the phone was even Sounding Smoother, Calmly and humble more than the Son.
Mr. Etse Satekla was pleading with shatta wale to calm down on his son, and take stonebwoy as his younger brother.
What even made the conversation interesting was when Shatta answered the man, and revealed to him, where his Ewe Mother was coming from in the Volta region, Not knowing Wale’s Mother is sharing the same home town with Stonebwoy and his family, because that was where the father was also coming from.
Stonebwoy’s Father even went ahead and boldly said that, for him he don’t hate shatta wale, He is one of his favorite musicians in Ghana, and in fact he is currently using his “Dem Confuse” as his Phone ring Tone.
Stonebwoy, Black Cedi, Julio and Bola Ray were right there when this phone conversation was going down between Stone’s Father and Shatta Wale who keeps laughing during the call.
So neatly, the meeting ended happily, Stonebwoy handshake Shatta Wale And they all flew back to Ghana Peacefully.
Since then, Wale Stopped dragging Stonbwoy into his matters, in fact he don’t even have him in his mind as his Hater or an Enemy.
If you guyz could remember on twitter, How both stonebwoy and Wale were happily tweeting at each other, for not knowing they were brothers, coming from the same home town and promising Ghanaians to watch out for something.
even talking to each other live on Air, laughing and promising Ghanaians something Big!
That was even the main reason why Shatta attended the BHIM concert uninvited at Ashiaman, because he thought after all, he was doing that for Unity and for his brother.
so all were Cool between the two acts,
Until ZYLOFON MEDIA signed Shatta Wale to join Stonebwoy on their record Label.
And that was where the Hatred resurrected again between these two musicians, Sparked by Stonebwoy with his unnecessary Diss song “Dirty Enemy” to shatta wale who has not done anything to stonebwoy , even after shatta wale wished him happy birthday.
Not only that, stonbwoy went ahead to throw shades at shatta wale on snapchat, calling him “Big Mouth” and all sorts of names.
what even pain me is, Ghanaians won’t see the Cause of all these, But Shatta Wale will end up, being the “Bad Egg” … SMH blank?blank?blank?


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