U.S Ambassador To Ghana Calls Ghanaians 'Myopic' On Issue Of Gay Rights


‘Myopia’ – the phenomenon of nearsightedness, refers to when the eye can see short distances just fine but suffers to make out objects at long distances.
As a term, it is used to refer to being only focused on short termism and never thinking about what happens in the long term.
According to the U.S Ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson, Ghanaians are severely short sighted when it comes to the issue of gay rights.
Jackson said there are probably more homos*xuals in Ghana than we realize as a people since most of them are forced to live without disclosing their s*xuality.

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“Statistics indicate that probably 10% of people are born gay. I think there are far more gays in Ghana than Ghanaians realize but because of societal attitudes, they keep their s*xuality very private,” Jackson said.
“I believe that everyone should enjoy the same human rights and personally I believe that people are either born heterosexual or homosexual. It is not a lifestyle choice…we are asking that all people be treated the same; that they have the same human rights and the same rights to privacy,” he added.

Nii Smiley Byte, Managing Editor
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