Some Ghanaian Women Are Greedy And Materialistic — Gyedu Ambolley

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Some women are greedy, selfish and materialistic who enter into relationships with the sole aim of drying the pockets of their partners, says Gyedu Blay Ambolley.
Gyedu Ambolley who appeared on TV Africa’s ‘Odo Confessions’ stated that majority of Ghanaian women love based on money and material gains and after all these have been achieved, they walk out of the relationship.

He stressed that no man should underestimate the power of women because women are capable of making and unmaking men, he cited instances in the Bible where most powerful men were brought down by women.

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He said:
“Adam was thrown out of Eden because of Eve, Samson lost his powers because of Delilah, and even David committed murder because of Bathsheba; so you see women are very influential”.
Gyedu Ambolley acknowledging the power of women indicated that to err is human, “so if I offend a woman… I explain why I faltered and make resolutions not to repeat those blunders again then I apologize if it’s my fault”.

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He concluded that marriage is sacred and a long journey and for that matter, married couples need to show some level of commitment in order to sustain the marriage.

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