Jab For Jab In Christianity As Angel Obinim Incurs The Wrath Of "Junior Owusu Bempah"

The controversial Ghanaian Pastor Bishop Angel Obinim, the founder and head pastor of International Godsway Church has been seriously slammed by a junior pastor from the camp of Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah for speaking against his Senior Pastor and describing him as woman changer.
Angel Obinim in his ministration had slammed Prophet Owusu Bempah for changing women like how he changes his clothes and therefore pitied his just married wife (Abena Anemah).

Bishop ‘Angel’ Obinim said, “I heard on the news that a fellow man of God is getting married for the third time? I read in the newspapers that this is the third wife. I felt sorry for the woman because she should have thought about the previous two first. “This means that if she, the third wife makes a mistake, she will also be replaced by number four, as a third wife, you should not be happy you are a replacement of the previous two. If the relationships had gone well, you wouldn’t be their replacement”.

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Interestingly, the camp of Owusu Bempah has felt the stinging words from Obinim and has sent a spokesperson Pastor Krobea Asante who was interviewed on Accra based Fm Okay FM.
“Christosom ayeh nsem pii.” In the speech of the spokesperson he also revealed that Angel Obinim is a wife beater, he has been beating his wife day in and day out so he should keep quiet and stop pitying someone’s wife, He made mention of Angel Obinim sleeping with his junior pastor’s wife and he, therefore, cautioned Obinim to keep his mouth shut or they will reveal all his secrets. Wow !! Pastors with secrets?

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“Obinim is the least person to even talk about Owusu Bempah’s marriage. How dare you talk about his wife and say you feel pity for her. Check yourself before you talk about a real man of God like Owusu Bempah” he said.
The Junior pastor, a spokesperson, Pastor Krobea Asante from the camp of Prophet Owusu Bempah continued:“We will be forced to reveal all your dirty secrets if you don’t shut up. I will personally put you in the right place and address you well if you don’t keep quiet. After maltreating your wife, you come out and talk about Owusu Bempah’s wife. I rather feel sorry for your wife because she is going through a lot of hell”,


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