CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Humbled, Stupid and Ridiculous—Rashida Black Beauty Begs for Money to Take Care of Herself and Her Pregnancy

Rashida Black Beauty

I am extensively generous when it comes to donating to a random sane cause online but I wouldn’t hesitate to call anyone who would even out of pity donate a pesewa to Rashida Black Beauty’s ridiculous appeal for funds to take care of herself and pregnancy—brainless.
Rashida, a young girl from Berekum in the Brong Ahafo Region became a social media “star” after a video in which she was dishing out insults to a girl who had “snatched” her boyfriend, Kushman, went viral. Her delivery was funny, made better by the indigenous Berekum “bono” she flawlessly spoke.
A musical extension of the unintended viral video followed when Rashida’s fame was fading. At that time, Ghanaians were losing the humour but that didn’t stop Rashida—she was granted audience on several platforms and her ridiculousness defined the conversations on the Ghanaian social media landscape for almost a week.

A few months after Rashida’s hilarious viral video, she went viral again. This hardly happens in the world of internet. Of course, except when you are Kim Kardashian who is capable of breaking the internet with her bare a$$ anytime she lets them out.
Rashida started trending for the second time: this was even more “powerful” as various feminists stepped in, to cleverly tap into the absurd publicity Rashida was receiving at the time, disguising their need for attention as a reach out to help the poor girl.
Nothing trends better in Ghana than leaked sex tape—and this time, Rashida’s own was out, with added extras, being a bunch of houseflies hovering around her coochie area as she nakedly captures her “thang.”
At this stage, it was no amusing—it became apparent that Rashida Black Beauty needed help and instead of offering her real help, Anita Erskine and a bunch of Ghanaian feminists stood up and wrote needless support letters while making promises they seem not to have honoured.
How Rashida became known was funny but what’s even funnier is the fact that people like Anita Erskine, Lydia Forson and several others under what they call “women empowerment” jumped on at the time she needed real help and shaping, and offered what seemed at the time as brilliant words—which of course, she couldn’t probably even read to understand, without really doing anything beyond just typing cheap words out of their smartphones for the girl.

Today, Rashida Black Beauty is pregnant and that’s not the news, she is asking a section of the public to donate 20 GHS or more to whatever charitable cause or sense of entitlement she has, so she can take care of herself and her pregnancy.
And I am yet to read that, Anita Erskine or Lydia Forson has wired 10,000 GHS to Rashida, in support of her fundraising which she remains the sole beneficiary.
You would think a lot of Ghanaians care if the measuring rod for care was cheap words. Words are free, and everyone who loves making the headlines can dish them out. When it comes to paying out to make a difference, the loudest Ghanaian in the room suddenly goes mute.
Rashida Black Beauty did not need any radio interviews, public letters or whatever parody award her stupidity led those who ought to know better to grant her. She needed to be shaped, to be helped and a future laid in front of her. This costs money and because none of these people who reached out to her really cared, no one took the pain or challenge to invest in her and to take her out of the obvious mess she was glorifying herself in.
The latest video (below) I’ve watched of Rashida, appealing for funds has humility written all over it. Situations such as pregnancy without direction or even money to provide for yourself and the unborn child can turn arrogance into meekness and compelled a fool to reason. Hardship, though bad, teaches a lot of lessons.
Rahida the Black Beauty

Currently, Rashida needs just a place to stay, a single room for a year to rent that she says will cost only 6000 GHS—and no one is reaching out.
She now wants to learn a trade and there’s no one out there to help. She’s ready to stay in Berekum or move to Accra to learn this trade but accommodation is even a problem, let alone taking care of her upkeep during her apprenticeship.
Rashida has obviously been stupid but to me, this highlights the hypocrisy of Ghanaians, especially the headline seekers. When they have to back their words with action involving money, they disappear into thin air.
I wouldn’t give a penny to Rashida and I am excited that, she has finally realized no one really gives a fuck about her in Ghana.
That’s reality, it has set in for her.
Perhaps you are wondering who’s responsible for the pregnancy. It’s the same Kushman—a clear indication that, nothing changed for Rashida. She even went back to the guy she called lame and all manner of names.


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