Being A Doctor Is NOT The Greatest Thing In This Life- People Should Just Take Some Seats And Leave Shatta Michy Alone!

Shatta Michy

Is it that people are inherently stupid or for whatever reasons they want to be part of some trending story and have allowed themselves to write the gibberish they have in their brains under a post.
This Shatta Wale and Stonebwuoy online feud is one that is not ending anytime soon because people have made it their lifetime call to fuel it whenever the flame burns out.
To think that they are dragging Shatta Michy and the wife of Stonebwouy in this needless beef is preposterous. As if that is not enough, they want to actually measure the worth of this two ladies using their path and career as a yardstick.
You may not like Shatta Wale and Michy and the whole movement for very subjective reasons and your loyalty as a person may be with the other fold and that is okay too— all we are saying is not to be blinded by some sort of induced admiration or love so much so that your objective trait has to suffer for it.
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Being a doctor is not the best thing to ever happen to anyone in this life. The hell is a great profession and a lot of people would wish to be that. Fact is it comes with a lot of respect and a certain degree of worth than someone who does any other thing so imagine what this would do to Michy who owes some little pub somewhere.
But then again, all the chic is doing is making a living. Hustling if you want to put it that way. Can people just let them rest and stop making her feel she is the worst thing that ever walked this earth.
Someone says she sells palm wine in a container— I cannot tell how true that is but what if she indeed sells palm wine, is that reason enough for all this goofing? People should just take some seats already.
It is not funny anymore.


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