CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: One Year of An Amazing Beautiful Woman-Elsie Being Married to An Annoying A$$hole Chris-Vincent–"It Has Been Much More Exciting Than I Ever Envisaged"

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri and wife-Elsie Anthony-Williams

A year ago, a beautiful innocent woman made the sacrifice of her life, to become the wife of Chris-Vincent, a pretty much an annoying individual.
YES, so soon it is a year—and it has been a wonderful journey, much more exciting than I ever envisaged.
People said couples fight after the honeymoon season, the relationship gets bad or goes back to “normal” after a few months and “marriage no be easy.” I have lived it for a year, probably not enough but mine has been nothing like any of these. Ihas been super exciting and smooth throughout—as if we’ve been sailing on a waveless sea.

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I believe in leaving nothing important to chance. In fact, I think reasonable people should plan as much as much as they can because that makes life, a capricious journey, a little stable.

Chris-Vincent in Kiev, Ukraine

I lived in the UK then and my wife lived in Ghana. During our relationship, I was visiting Ghana at least 5 or 6 times a year. Yeah, that much, because I always mean “Business” when I say I am doing something.
The wedding wasn’t a problem to her. We spent a lot of money but it was nothing more than we couldn’t afford. We were moderate about it even when a bunch of my celebrity friends, from Bola Ray to Jackie Appiah, via Shirley Frimpong Manso to Joselyn Dumas and Dr Adu Boateng to Dr Felix Anyah all hugely chipped in, almost paying for the entire wedding for us.
Anniversary Gift

My wife’s key issue or fear was that: it took new couples about 3 to 6 months to reunite after marriage because the women who mostly lived in Ghana had to apply for UK spouse visas and wait for about 3 to 6 months for a decision to be able to join their husbands and as newly wed, she didn’t want to spend this length of time apart—especially when I was flying out 4 days after our wedding to write my Legal Practice Course examination and I wouldn’t be able to return until the about two months long examination was over.
I looked at her every time she brought up this and said; don’t worry your head about that—”I didn’t go to Law School for nothing”, you wouldn’t wait that long in Ghana for a spouse visa to reunite with me.
And guess what: her spouse visa took just 14 days, from date of application to be issued. I remember the excitement and the joy that lived in her voice when she said, “I am glad I am with someone who keeps his promises and does not throw out empty assurances.”
We’ve spent almost the first year of our marriage planning and travelling. We started with a travel around the UK, then to Kiev, Ukraine, Shanghai, China and came back from Paris, France not long ago.
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri and wife-Elsie Anthony-Williams

Marriage can be whatever you choose to make it: for me, it’s a union of two completely different people and nothing is more important to making it a sane union than understanding and effective communication.
My wife got me two-anniversary gifts—I didn’t get her anything.
I am bad with occasional gifts, for reason that I give gifts regularly. She understands it, and she is not upset. Some unreasonable women would have been so pissed.
I asked her what she wanted to do though and she said she wanted to relax, a full Spa including facial and all the shenanigans. So I asked her to make good use of the internet, by finding one anywhere in the world that she feels like going there.
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri and wife-Elsie Anthony-Williams

And guess what: she didn’t even choose anything outside the country—she found a Hilton Hotel somewhere in the UK with an amazing SPA per reviews, so we are heading there today so she can have her heart desire. I told her, we will return whichever day she feels she is completely relaxed and tired of the place.
It’s my wife’s reasonableness, simplicity and non-association with the hogwash of social media that makes her so special to me—deserving of everything good.
Chris-Vincent and Elsie in Shanghai

It’s been one year with the most amazing person I know and I have enjoyed every minute of it.
If you ask me about her: I would say, she has spent her one year with the most obstinate and irksome person on earth. But she still found beauty and smile in all my chaos and nonsense—to the extent that she wants to live in that world and grow old there.
And thanks to everyone who remains a true friend of us—those whose priceless pieces of advice continue to shape us and help us in living the life we only dreamt of in the UK, especially; Michael Ocran and wife and Kwaku Boateng and wife.


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