Duncan Williams Lashes Christian Men To Stop The Plenty Prayer Meetings And Bible Studies And Service Their Wives Well Well — For The First Time We Agree With A Preacher!


For the first time in a long time we see ourselves agreeing with a so-called ‘man of God’, with Nicholas Duncan Williams berating Christian men for basically being zombies in the bedroom.
Speaking during a sermon, Duncan Williams said Christian need to change things up because their one way missionary s£x is suffocating their marriages.
Never has a preacher uttered truer words.
According to Williams, Christian men have to stop trying to be too ‘Chrife’ in the bedroom and doing everything in the same manner over and over again.
“A lot of Christian men and women are not romantic. Some Christian men are very boring. One way all the time, same place all the time, always bedroom, always you turn the light off, your wife cooks every day, you don’t take her for dinner” he lamented.

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“You are always doing bible studies and prayer meetings. Marriage is not prayer meeting, marriage is not bible studies, marriage is not spiritual. Marriage requires some things, you have to do somethings” he added.
Watch Duncan Williams below…


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