Insults And Attacks From Hypocrite Ghanaians Compelled Me To Deactivate My Social Media Accounts– Maame Dokono

Ghanaian celebrated actress, Grace Omaboe aka Maame Dokono has disclosed that she deactivated all her social media accounts due to the numerous insults rained on her by some unidentified Ghanaians.
Maame Dokono in an interview with Adom FM during the burial of the late Ebony Reigns stated that most Ghanaians hide their true identities on social media and attack public figures.

Maame Dokono continued that, these faceless Ghanaians have taken it upon themselves to insult and attack celebrities on social media with no tangible reason.
Maame Dokono touching on how Ebony was attacked and insulted by Ghanaians on social media when she was alive said:

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“Ebony was young but talented musician wanting to do a lot of things in life but only needed a bit of help and coaching. However, the young talented singer was condemned to ‘death’ by a lot of ‘hypocrites’ who had the opportunity to extend a helping hand to her”.
The veteran actress sharing her experience on social media attacks and insults said:
“I was almost forty when I became a superstar. I wasn’t listening to what people said so I went on and on.

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“I didn’t want anyone to criticise me, I always wanted to do what God put on my mind. So I closed down all my social media accounts at a point to avoid all those unwarranted attacks on my personality”.


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