Secret To Become Like Bill Gates And Dangote Is To Stop Listening To Rev Oyedepo And Adeboye — Daddy Freeze

A controversial Nigerian radio presenter, Daddy Freeze has advised his fans not to listen to Pastors like Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Enoch Adeboye if they want to become billionaires like Dangote and Bill Gates.
He explained that such men cannot lead them to heaven because they don’t even know where the road to heaven is. He also said that Bill Gates and Dangote have more heads and we should not be deceived by clerics such as Ayedepo and Adeboye who in their words think they can be like them but they can’t because they don’t even have one head.

He said: “If you want to end up like Dangote or Bill Gates, stop listening to the men pictured above.
“The sad thing about this is that they can’t even lead you to heaven because they don’t know the way there…If the scriptures are anything to go by, teachers of religious law are hell bound, TITHING IS THE LAW!

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“Another fallacy is the prosperity teaching that says: ‘You can be like Dangote, Dangote doesn’t have two heads’. Let me break your hearts today, in the area of entrepreneurship; DANGOTE AND BILL GATES HAVE 2,000 HEADS! They have a rare and unique talent that isn’t available to just any and everyone. Remember in all of Egypt ONLY Joseph could interpret Pharaohs dream.

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“Anyone who tells you that you can do business like Dangote is a LIAR, it’s like telling you that you can sing like Michael Jackson, understand Physics like Einstein or play football like Messi or Ronaldo.
“I CAN NEVER BE LIKE DANGOTE because I don’t have his unique entrepreneurial gift. My unique gift is deep understanding of, and the ability to teach the SCRIPTURES, which I have shown with much dexterity, what is your gift? You want to play football like Messi? Welldonsir, find your gift today and harness it”. He concluded

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