Allowing US Troops To Base In Ghana May Not End Well — Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings

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Former President  Flt’ Lt.Jerry John Rawlings has advised that permitting the US forces to petrol on our land freely will extremely go overboard.
Ghanaians are like fowls inviting a crocodile into their cub. No matter how strong our bond is with the Americans we should never have allowed them the free movement on our land and also granting them the liberated access to our military base is very bad.

Mr Rawlings said: “Ghanaians may love Americans however not to the degree of living with remote troops on such a scale”.
“Ghanaians have enough nonnatives overwhelming their monetary and social life. Adding remote troops to the uneasiness will be a lot.
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He continued that, “Ghanaians have felt stateless before in my lifetime. How about we do not go there once more, unobstructed access to and utilization of concurred offices and territories to United State powers.
United States contractual workers, and others as commonly concurred. Such concurred offices and territory: or parts thereof, gave by Ghana should be assigned as either for elite use by United States powers or to be mutually utilized by United States powers and Ghana.

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Ghana should likewise give access to and utilization of a runway that meets the prerequisites of United States powers”. He concluded.

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