Priest Gets Arrested For Attempting To Resurrect Dead Body And Failing Woefully

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After years of believing and preaching that Jesus Christ died and resurrected after three days and believing so much in the fairy tale of Lazarus, a priest in Mozambique developed a blinding faith in his own abilities and attempted to take back what the Grim Reaper had already called dibs on by trying to bring a dead person back to life. Maybe his “vim” was inspired by the spirit of Easter and he thought he could do a Jesus and wow the world with his resurrection skills. If master can do it, so can boy.
Unfortunately for him, his God wasn’t on his side and he instead got arrested. In his defence, it was probably a miscommunication from the angels who brought him the directions from God. Judge not what you don’t understand.  The priest claimed the Holy Spirit had told him to travel to the Chimoio provincial hospital, in the province of Manica, in order to attempt the miracle.
Confident of his abilities, he convinced hospital authorities to let him give it a go. However, after two days of praying, his congregant had failed to rise from the dead. (Maybe they should have allowed him three days?) It did not surprise the man’s family. The man’s sister – who did not want to be named – told reporters: “The priest prayed and prayed again in the morgue. He shook the head of my deceased brother as he prayed. But no part of my brother’s dead body was moving. At turns, the priest shouted: ‘wake-up, wake-up, son of God!’ We did not believe the priest’s intention would yield any positive effect. This is because he has not, at any time, proven to us his ability to make any dead person resuscitate.”
The priest has since been accused of disrespecting the dead and arrested.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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