Egyptians Vote For Mo Salah To Be Egypt's President Though His Name Wasn't On The Ballot Paper

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Mohamed Salah

It seems Egyptians are tired of Politicians and decided to vote for the footballer, Mohamed Salah, during the country’s general elections.
Some Egyptian electorates have decided to cross the two options on their ballot papers and rather wrote the Liverpool Star’s name and voted for him as their preferred candidate to rule the country.

Salah who is the continent’s reigning best player has been incredibly incredible to his EPL side with a record of 31 goals out of 44 appearances he made for the club.
With such an impressive record so far, many football maniacs have already tagged him as the greatest footballer after Messi, C Ronaldo and Neymar.

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It’s therefore not really surprising that 1 million Egyptians have gone extra to show how much they appreciate Salah as a Legend who many believed that his significant efforts qualified the Saharan African country to the World Cup.
The Ballot Papers with the footballer’s names have all been counted as spoilt ballots and that equals 5% of total votes cast.

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