Pastor 'Sells' Church Member To A Rich Man To Marry For Ghc 30,000

A Ghanaian pastor in love with money has ‘sold’ a church member to a rich man for marriage for the sum of Ghc 30,000.
The pastor, who had immense influence over the choices of the female church member, rejected all the boyfriends she brought to see him and instead chose his own husband for her, a guy who donated Ghc 30,000 to the church.
This greedy pastor lied to the lady that God had revealed to him that the rich guy was her chosen husband and they got married but she has since regretted the decision.
As to why a grown a$$ lady would give a preacher so much influence over her life is a mystery.
Ghanaians are so in thrall to religion that people would do things which make zero sense so long as the directive comes from a pastor.

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Read this lady’s sad story below, as shared by David Papa Bondze-Mbir…
“Hi Dave. This is my story. My spiritual father is my head Pastor. I helped the Church a lot with my singing. Daddy preferred I sang for him before he preached.
He loved me as a daughter, and always wanted the very best for me. He became a huge influence in my life, I realized I wasn’t able to even date any man he hadn’t approved of. He had a negative vision of any man I introduced to him as a potential boyfriend. He would always tell me,
“That man is not him. He is not of the Lord. Be patient.”
I was patient till my 28th birthday, when this rich guy from London, visited us for a month. His mother is a member of the Church, so he just came with her. The Church was organising a fundraising that Sunday and the guy gave. Over 30, 000 Ghana Cedis.
Immediately after the gentleman’s offering, Daddy called me to come sing. He made me sing for over 20 minutes. The following day, Daddy invited me over to the house. The gentleman and the mother were there.
To cut the long story short, the man was in a process of separating from his wife (that was the story he fed us) and wished he could marry a decent lady. Daddy told me he was the one meant for me, and persuaded me into accepting him as a friend. Within a week, the guy wanted us to be intimate, because he was leaving the country the following week. I refused him sex.
We kept in touch when he returned to the UK. On the 23rd of April, 2013, he asked for my hand in marriage. He confirmed his divorce to his first wife. He has a big house in Accra, so that’s where I am staying right now, with his mother. I am taking care of his aged mother, Dave. All his siblings are outside of Ghana.
I only get to see him, twice every year. And he stays for just a month. A friend of mine in the UK tells me he is still married to his British wife. He has been paying so much offering through Western Union money transfer to my Pastor. He’s bought the pastor a car. He invites him to London, but not me.
I am just quiet and watching all of them. His mother knows what’s going on but she’s refusing to also open up to me because she has no one to take care of her in that big house. I fell in love with him, that’s why I married him.”


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