Prince David Osei 'Punished' By His Family After Playing The Lamest And Possibly Even Cruel April Fool's Prank By Pretending He Had A New Child

Prince David Osei

April Fool brings out the strangest part of humans as everyone tries to play a prank on others without them noticing.
Many people indulge in it although the day has become kind of old and lame and most of the pranks aren’t funny anyway.
Actor Prince David Osei played one of the lamest April Fool’s jokes we’ve come across with a post he made on 1st April that he had a new child.
“Awwww Thank God! finally my spermatozoa made it..Welcome Queen,pls help me celebrate my people….Elohim be praised..Happy New Month!Christ is risen,a queen is born HAPPY APRIL FOOL,” he posted.

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After receiving numerous congratulatory messages, Osei revealed the whole thing was a prank and that left many of his fans pissed and unloading on him.
Prince has now revealed that his fans weren’t the only ones pissed off, telling Joy Prime that even his family were not too pleased with the stunt.


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