18 Year Old Former Opoku Ware Student — Samuel Mensah Gains Admission Into Eight U.S Universities Including Three In The Ivy League

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A former student of the Opoku Ware SHS, 18 year old Samuel Mensah, has set kind of a record by being accepted into 8 U.S institutes of higher education.
8 Colleges in the U.S.A wants Mensah to study with them, including three in the prestigious Ivy League.
Gaining admission into Ivy League schools is the dream of millions of senior high graduates in the U.S and across the world, with those eight ‘Ivy League’ schools considered the creme de la creme of universities in the World.
The GPA average of U.S schools is 3.0, but the GPA average of the lowest Ivy League school is 3.90. Over 200,000 students apply every year and less than 10% of that number gain admission.

However the young Ghanaian, Samuel Mensah, managed to gain entry into not one, or two, but three Ivy League colleges — Princeton, Dartmouth and Columbia.
He also gained admission into five other U.S colleges — Stanford, Duke, Northwestern, Williamson and Vanderbilt.
“I’m really excited at the prospect of going to some of the best universities in the US and consequently in the entire world.” Samuel, who turns 19 this month, told Citinewsroom.
“Going on full scholarship merits that response so I am very excited and very happy about the whole thing.”
The young prodigy started his education at KNUST Basic School, where he had his elementary and basic education. He later moved to Opoku Ware, and was a member of the 2017 Science and Maths Quiz team which were bundled out of the Round of 16 by Keta Senior High (KETASCO).
Mensah says he has yet to make a choice on the school he would attend, but has hinted he currently favours Stanford University in California, the largest and most prosperous U.S State.

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