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The Fact That I'm Born Again Doesn't Mean I Should Cover My Nakedness; Efia Odo Refuses To Be A Hypocrite Just To Please Her Fans

Rising Ghanaian actress, Andrea Owusu, popularly known as Efia Odo has decided to backslide from her promise to stop exposing her nudity and generally be a better person after the death of the late Ebony Reigns. She says the public should take her as she is or have nothing at all, and she can’t continue living a lie when she wants to be free to be who she really is in her heart, which is an exhibitionist with nothing to show for it.
After the death of Ebony Reigns in a fatal car crash that took the lives of two others who were with her, some were of the view that her demise was a punishment from God for her way of dressing, which most Ghanaians considered indecent and ungodly. Note that she died in a car accident, and how indecent dressing can manage to be a cause of a vehicular accident is a miracle only Ghanaians can explain. But we are who we are and we believe what we believe, so people like Efia Odo who should know better decided to panic and think they would meet the same tragic end if they continue to expose their bodies to the world.
And that’s how Madam Odo became “born again” for five minutes. But Ebony has been buried and life goes on, so Efia Odo is already tired of pretending to be what she is not. And she is not many things, truth be told. During the Easter celebrations, she couldn’t help but flaunt her goodies in a bikini at the beach, which led to her fans accusing her of going back on her word. But the actress obviously isn’t one to live life to please her fans and was unperturbed by their concerns.
In response, she posted another picture of her in a bikini standing by a horse on Instagram with the caption, “Wasn’t too sure if I should post this pic because I know how my people can be. They would start calling me names and it’s like now I have to walk on eggshells. But then am I still being real with myself? Posting pics I think that’s pleasing to the eyes of the people just so they can see that I’ve changed? But then changed from what? Only thing that’s changed is my viewpoint on myself and on life. As you get older your perception of yourself has to change. Now back to this pic of me in a bikini and cover-up standing next to this beauty…If I can post me in church then I can post me next to horse in a bikini at a BEACH RESORT! if you gonna accept me then you’ll accept me fully with flaws and all. I can’t fake a life that I’m not living. I love God and my relationship with him is between The King and I.”

So those who were thinking Efia was going to deny them the pleasure of her nude self, count yourselves lucky and expect more from our local exhibitionist extraordinaire.

This post was published on April 10, 2018 10:32 AM

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