This Is The Country We Live In — A Baby Died At St Gregory's Hospital In Kasoa Because His Parents Couldn't Find Ghc 533 To Pay For Oxygen Used So A Doctor Took Him Off The Machine (Video)

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Welcome to Ghana — the country where we our politicians waste money like water whilst majority of the citizenry suffer unimaginable agony every single day.
Can you imagine how long it takes an MP or politician to waste Ghc 533? Yet for a distraught parent inability to find that figure meant losing their child.
Our joke of a healthcare system continues to cause avoidable deaths everyday whilst we spend tens of thousands of cedis on ‘websites’ and ‘new softwares’.
The chilling story of a family whose baby died at the St Gregory’s Hospital in Kasoa has been chronicled by Joy News.
According to the parents, their child had a defect upon birth which made it difficult for him to breath.

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He was thus placed on oxygen to enable him to breath but his parents could not afford the bills that were piling up therefore the hospital decided to take the child off the oxygen.
“That Saturday [the day the baby died], the Doctor came, he ask me that I hear from my husband [about the bills] I say I didn’t hear. Then he removed the oxygen…it is too late,” the mom, Sefakor, tearfully told Joynews.
The Hospital says they’re investigating the incident to determine how the child was taken off oxygen but I think we all know nothing is ever going to come out of that.

Godwin Nii-Armah Okine, Managing Editor
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