(VIDEO) Who Doesn't Love Boobs? Israel Laryea Asks And The Answer Is Simple; Everybody Loves Boobs Including The Self-acclaimed 'Men Of God'

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Broadcast journalist, Israel Laryea has asked one of the most important questions in the world, he asks, “Who doesn’t like boobs”?–the answer is simple, everybody love boobs including the self-acclaimed ‘men of God’.
Israel Laryea sharing his view on men’s obsession with boobs said, “The boobs happen to be one of the most universally accepted and appreciated human part. Babies love boobs, even the women themselves love boobs”.

Israel Laryea clearing his ‘throat’ on the misconception that he got his nickname, ‘Bobby Nipples’ as a result of his obsession with boobs asked the host of Joy FM’s Drive Time, Lexis Bill;
“Who doesn’t like boobs, don’t you like boobs…. I like boobs”.

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The JoyNews editor went on to explain how he got the name Bobby on Joy FM’s Personality Profile.
“When you get a name like that, I mean usually you don’t want to fight it. You know when you’re in school and then they give you a name and you resist it then it sticks so I thought if I didn’t resist it, it was just going to go away but it didn’t go away”, he said.

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Watch the video.

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