Extreme Feminist Dumps Lover For Providing All Her Needs

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In these times when the Moeshas of this world are busy milking unscrupulous married men as a profession, it would come as a surprise for a woman to jilt her boyfriend with the excuse that he wants to buy everything for her and she can’t take it anymore. While even top female celebrities who can afford their needs still insist their men buy them stuff because they are men, this champion of feminism is having none of that totally dependent crap.
Indeed, not every woman wants the easy way out. Some want to work for their own and not have to look up to the good old patriarchy for their well-being. Team Pepper Dem would be very proud. The woman in question, a South African writer who goes by the twitter handle, @awkward_ah in a series of tweets explained why she dumped her boyfriend, to the amazement of the twitterverse and Sugar Dem.
What most slay queens would consider a match made in heaven, this writer writes off as a totally nightmarish and creepy experience. The worst part for her, he kept hinting during dating that she quit her job and be a housewife. Obviously no feminist worth her salt would be excited about such a development.
She tweeted, “He started hinting that I worked too hard. I should quit and take care of his books. When I asked what my salary would be, he laughed. Said I don’t need a salary when there’s ‘our money’. No, brother… could never be me
“He bought me a new phone and sim card. It would be best if we were on the same network for free minutes, he said. I saw that he just didn’t want others to have my number and also he would have access to my itemised bill.
“For some reasons, this man thought that by putting a ring on my finger he could now shape me into a mould of his own design. I saw through it all. I’m really thankful that I did or who knows how my life would be today.
“Every time I’d say no, he’d buy me things. I don’t want to grow my hair, he got expensive flat irons. I don’t like heels, he showed up with an Aldo box. . . It never stopped.
“Then he would hint that we should go to Mac. He knows a lady who can sort me out. He’d like me to wear makeup all the time. You know, the business was picking up and we had to appear a certain way. I’m a jeans and T kinda girl. He met me as such.”
You really can’t turn a feminist into a housewife.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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