"Holy Ghost Fire" Descends On Student And Burns Her To Crisp As She Was Praying For Success In WASSCE Exams

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What was supposed to be a spiritual exercise turned into a  gory human barbecue as a girl who went to see a “prophetess” for prayers to help her in her WASSCE exams caught fire and died from resulting severe injuries. A final year SHS student of the Gomoa Ahyiem Senior High School who probably didn’t learn hard enough for her WASSCE exams and decided to employ spiritual cheat mechanisms by “praying” for success learnt the hard way when what some regard as “holy ghost fire” descended on her and cut short any hopes she had of passing any exam ever again.
The deceased was allegedly taken to the African Faith Church run by Prophetess Efua Eguawaa by her mother in an attempt to seek spiritual wisdom, understanding and exam favours but God does things his own way and our plans are not his plans, so instead of gaining divine intelligence, the faithful, divine-intervention-seeking final year student kicked the fiery bucket and is now in the bosom of her maker. The “accident” happened when the anointing oil smeared all over the girl’s body by the prophetess caught fire from a flame from the candle she was given to hold.
Explaining the unfortunate event to Citi News, the Breman Asikuma District Commander of the Ghana Police Service, Supt. Emmanuel Donkoh Baah, said, “she attended the prayer session with the parents and during the prayers, the prophetess administered some direction; smeared oil on the body, lit a candle and the candle burned the schoolgirl.” The severity of the injuries are unconfirmed.
According to the police, the incident occurred on April 1 but was only brought to their attention on April 5. Maybe the probability that they would take the news as an April Fool’s prank, or the fact that they were hoping for an Easter resurrection miracle was what caused the delay in relaying the information to the authorities. The Prophetess who caused the fire, Efua Eguawaa is currently wanted by the Police and the public has been urged to alert the police should she be found. She is described as being in her forties and dark in complexion.

Ms. Ama Dzidzor, Staff Writer
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