John Dumelo Says Moesha Said The Truth Because A Lot Of Ghanaian Ladies Have Offered Him S*x On Condition That He Pays Their Rent Or School Fees

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John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo says Moesha Budoung made a valid point when she said some Ghanaian women due to the harsh economic situation trade their body in exchange for financial gains.
John Dumelo in an interview on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM disclosed that a number of Ghanaian ladies have offered him s*x on several occasions on condition that he pays their rent or school fees.

Joh Dumelo said:
“I have been in situations where ladies have messaged me to say that ‘…I need to pay my rent or my school fees or some favour in return I’ll offer you something”.

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John Dumelo throwing more light on his experiences with some Ghanaian women on the issue of s*x for money or material gains said:
“I told the girl that I wouldn’t do that. ‘If you want money, I’ll give you your money for your rent or whatever it is but I’m not going to give you in return for your sexual favours or anything”.

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John Dumelo described Moesha Budoung’s situation as “demand and supply”.

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