Man Sleeps With StepMother For Two Years And Gets Butchered By His Father, But Claims He Only Slept With Her On The Day Ebony Passed Away

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Somewhere in Ghana, one Mr. Yaw Atta and his son Kwame Tawiah are nursing machete wounds after fighting over a woman, who happens to be Yaw Atta’s wife and Kwame’s stepmother. This happened at Dedemude, a community in the Western Region, and both are currently receiving treatment at the Sefwi Juaboso Government Hospital In the Western Region. Yaw Atta claims that his 20-year old son has been busy rendering sexual services to his wife for the past two years even though he had warned him several times that that kind of act was a taboo.
Kwame Tawiah the “motherf*cker* paid no heed to his father till it became too much to handle earlier this week and resulted in a violent altercation which landed both of them in the Hospital. Narrating his version of events to Joshua Kulenu on Adom FM, Tawiah explained how he butchered his own father. “My dad raised the machete with the intention of chopping off my head but I blocked it with my hand, my hand was almost chopped off but I managed to seize the machete and also attacked him…,” he said.
Meanwhile, speaking on Adom FM’s evening news on Thursday, Yaw Atta insisted that his son has been sleeping with his wife for the past two years. He said he sought spiritual help when he found out and cautioned his son against ever repeating such an abomination but Tawiah was recalcitrant and kept on servicing his father’s wife.
Debunking his father’s claim when he was called to react to his father’s accusations, Tawiah admitted that he had indeed had an affair with his stepmother but it was only once, on the day Ebony Reigns died but not for two whole years as his dad was insisting. “The day Ebony died was when I had sex with her and that has not happened again…I don’t know what came over me that day”, he confessed. Why his father thought it had been happening for two years, he had no idea.
Meanwhile the woman in question, 30-year old Akosua Asantewaa says that both her husband and his son are mistaken, and she had sex with Tawiah for one week. “I was lying on my bed on the day Ebony died when Tawiah came into the room and forced himself on me, he kissed me and that is all I can remember…we have since then been having sex for a week,” she said. She also claims she doesn’t know what came over her.
Akosua claims that she and her family have compensated Yaw Atta for the inconvenience caused by her affair with his son. She, however, commended both Tawiah and Atta for being at the same level when it came to satisfying her needs in bed.

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