(VIDEOS) Moesha Is Ashawo To The Point That The Sound Of Her Car Shouts Ashawo, Ashawo, Ashawo…When She Is Driving — Counsellor Lutherodt

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When an elephant dies, anybody at all is at liberty to have a bite of its meat and that is the case Ghanaian actress, Moesha Budoung–she is now on the chopping board of Ghanaians over her controversial interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.
Counsellor Lutherodt as usual of him has jumped on the neck of Moesha Budoung by describing her as Ashawo (prostitute) who is never shy of what brings her money.

The eristic marriage counsellor added that there are a lot of Ghanaian women who are into that shameful act but have hypocritically kept it to themselves.
“Ashawo! Ashawo!! Aahawo!!! Is what the girls are doing in this country and they are making big names, driving big cars. When they are driving in town the sound of their cars shouts Ashawo!” counsellor Lutherodt said.

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On whether Moesha was brought up well by her parents or not, counsellor Lutherodt again said:
“Was she raise like this…Is it something that has come as part of her natural life and instincts or it is because of the order of the day…Is it that she is living above her means?”

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