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Food & Great Conversation With Chris-Vincent: One of My Christian Friend Says the Married Man She is Dating Was Sent By God to Help Her in Life—Veronica

Chris-Vincent and Veronica

My saint friend in Ghana is dating a married man and she justifies this by saying God sent him his way to help her—and that this is the work of God, my lawyer friend-Veronica mentioned this to me last night as we had dinner at Kervan in London.
We touched on several conversations: from her cultural shock in Ghana during the two years that she lived there to the matters that have pushed her to return to London, and how she is going to settle in to start practising Law.
And then, the trending issue of Moesha and how many Ghanaians, especially the women are upset about her CNN comment fell on the dinner table.
I said little as I listened to a woman who until recently had abandoned London and returned to Ghana to pursue a career in Law speak boldly about the hovering hypocrisy in Ghana—stating as a fact that Moesha’s comment is exactly what a lot of Ghanaian woman including some of her own friends do.
She said, if a young woman has to pay about 500 GHS or 1000 GHS a month as rent at any decent area in Ghana, afford a car with all the other expensive things carried around, when the person is earning sometimes less than 800 GHS a month or way below her expenditure, then no one needs to tell you the bills are being paid by another, mostly a much older married man.

On the issue of how these people who are obviously aware of the facts, claimed by Moesha, as lived in Ghana, are upset about the truth and unendingly have been attacking her, Veronica blamed it on the grand hypocrisy that exists in Ghana.
She said: you wouldn’t believe it. One of my own friends who is a serious Christian by the Ghanaian standard is dating someone’s husband and this man provides almost everything for her including a monthly allowance.
When I asked whether she has ever had a conversation about the contradictions between Christianity and clandestinely dating someone’s husband, she said: “on multiple occasions.”
And each time, she said, her friend justifies her lifestyle by saying that it’s the work of God—that God brought the married man into her life to become her helper until she finally finds her feet.
With almost two glasses of wine having sailed down Veronica’s throat coupled with the fact that I was exhausted from the long day of busting my butt at Fortwell Solicitors, we called it a night but that was after she told me about how badly these so called rich men treat the young women they date—in their awkward f*ckbuddy-sponsor relationships.
She said a lot of these men treat the young women with gross contempt, one that a sex doll would even revolt against. The men call when they want and hardly picks these young girls’ calls. They don’t get to even have any meaningful conversations, lunches or dinners. It’s all about I am at a certain hotel, come there at this time—followed probably by a boring sex session that ends with I need 2000 GHS to sort out something, from the young religious husband f*cker.
I chipped in this: “of course, having dinners and going to cinemas or wherever with someone’s husband in Ghana is only prudent if you want to be caught and have your financial support cut off–so that does not seem plausible.”
“How they do this and be the first to appear at church each Sunday is beyond my understanding,” Veronica said as she sipped from her second glass of red wine.
We called it a night: the bill was paid and we left the restaurant.
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